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Machine design rules make sure safety and quality are in focus

We are part of a group of companies with 75 employees. Our main headquarters is in western Münsterland in North-Rhine-Westphalia. Starting 1970 we celebratee our 50th anniversry in 2020!
For more than 50 years we design and build special machines for customers worldwide.

Our customers are on woodworking, PE-manufacturing, Automotive, Trailermanufacturing and many more businesses.

Up to 2022 we delivered number 350 or our CNC stretchbending machines to customers.

Recently we extended our core abilities to the machinig of Aluminiumprofiles. Fully automated robot cells are part of our portfolio



Gemeinsamer Erfolg ist unser Konzept.

  • Solution oriented development 
  • Design with the costumers consultation 
  • Production of spare parts and assemblies in our own plant. 
  • Productions support at the costumers firm with our own Assemblers 
  • One contact person for every possible problem 

State-of-the-art processes and innovative technologies are our technique


Unsere Maschinen für Ihre Aufgaben!

Our machine for your tasks

Thanks to our close connection with Fluidsysteme Dasbeck GmbH and our joint experience, we can make sure that our customers get the best service for all questions regarding bending systems.

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Special machines

Immer neu und immer innovativ!

Always new and always innovative

For us, as special machine is the perfect solutions for a special task.

We use specialized solutions, as well as standard components in our machines.

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The company Günther Wensing was founded in a garage in Stadtlohn (Westphalia) by Günther Wensing in 1970.


We are ready to take on the exiting future, with the building of a new production site and the expansion of our design department


Even though our machines varies a lot they all have the same reliability and quality “Made in Germany”.


One of our biggest strength is the delivery of complete systems. Since we complete the machines inhouse, we can make sure to keep a very close eye on the developments.

Von der Idee zur Maschine

„We thought of everything“ – is our concept – The focus is the solution.

We are strong partner, thanks to our decade long experience, as well as our continuous development for our solutions. 

Development: As per its name, special machines are not available “off the peg” Trough out the development, we work in close cooperation with the costumer, to make sure that every wish and expectation can be taken in account at any time. 

Drafting: Once a functional principle has been worked out, the next step is technical detailing and elaboration. During this phase, details are developed and, in case of doubt, verified by practical tests. Due to the complete construction in 3D on the most modern software packages, difficulties are already recognizable in advance. 

Production: Due to our own production, we are able to react flexible and quickly to market situations. Our own quality control ensures constantly high quality in all stages of production. Single part production, assembly, commissioning, testing and acceptance.