How it all began...

The company Günther Wensing GmbH & Co. KG was found in 1970 in a garage in Stadtlohn (North-Rhine Westphalia) by Günther Wensing.

It became prominent outside the citys boardes by the inventions of its founder. For example a beerbotttle opener for a hole crate of beer or a smaller one for only one row.

On the other hand Günther Wensing also developed the first PE-Splitting machine of the world. 

Beginning in 1975 Günther Wensing focussed on the design and manufcaturing of special machines. 
In summer 1977 the company and its 5 employees moved to the new producton facilties at the current area.That time the produtcion area had been around 300 m², now in 2020 we have 4.500 m² at our disposal.
Currently at Günther Wensing GmbH & Co. KG we have 50 employees and plenty of suppliers starting from deisng to components supply up to sub-assembly supply. 



Mid of 2013 we finished a new storage building to keep customers and own material in a safe and protected area.

Our latest production building with additional 900 m² finished in 2014 helped us a lot to keep up with requirements and size growth we needed for current customer projects.

Together with our daughter company WAESTA GmbH and our Partner Fluidsysteme Dasbeck GmbH we are a group with more than 70 people in Stadtlohn.

Since January 1st 2000 the former single person company has been transformed to a limited company (GmbH & Co. KG) with three shareholders.

Since August 2005 the managing director position is transferred from Mr. Günther Wensing to Mr. Jens Wensing. Now Mr. Hans-Gerd Heming and Mr. Jens Wensing are managing directors.

From Stadtlohn projects all aroudn the world are planned and executed.

Our Agent in China, which we already cooperate since 2008, has an own base with chinese engineers since 2016 to support new and current projects and customers.

Since our first machine (Built in 1974 and still in operation) we strive to make machines for our customers which have a special approach to usability and effeciency. 

We integrated a robotic trial area in 2018 to demosntrate and trial new technologies in production. 

Examples of our first manufacturing drawings