Preview of the Version 2021 of our 20 kN CNC Trim Stretchbendingmachines

Improving the Best

This 20 kN CNC-Stretchbendingmachine is the first model, which has been converted to the new 2020/2021 model year.

Countless improvments ensuring a more productive and better production have been implemented.

Hier a small example of some of the improvements:

  • Speeds and accelerations of the CNC axes have been improved 
  • Percision of positioning and curvature following has been improved
  • Digital loadcells ease up alignment, remote operation and analysis of the process with more precise live values.
  • Degree of freedom for several axes has been imrpoved (horizontal and vertical swivel, as Z-Axes and Rotation axes).
  • Servo Hydraulic axes ahve been replaced by servo electric axes, where possible
  • Free-Follow Mode in horizontal and vertical direction is still available
  • Valves, cabinets, cables, hoses have new alignments and optimized installation for better accessibility.
  • Covers for components, spindles, axes with additional protection for dust, dirt and mechanic impact
  • sensors are more accessible
  • automatic or manual lubrication can be installed
  • Breakers are digital and can be read in the diagnose screen with live values
  • More sensors and components conencted by bus sytems to reduce electrical contacts
  • Operating interfache with touchscreen and optional graphical surface for easer operation and diagnosis.
  • All machine parameters and sensors can be read ab diagnosed by remote access.
  • quicke installation on site due to less components in delivery and reduce machine height.

These are only a few of the integrated new advantages of the new generation. Talk to us!

Key advantages of GW CNC Stretchbenders

  • 20 years of experience in CNC machines and bending tools
  • more than 260 machines built and sold since 1999
  • Customer support in choosing the right equipment and production strategy
  • Average production volume per year ~350.000 for each machine
  • Stretchforce 10 kN up to 800 kN in 2D and 3D movement
  • Cycletime down to 20 seconds
  • Universal CNC bending machine, changeover to different projects is possible
  • Service engineers in Europe, China, North* and South America*




  • 100% industry style CNC control Siemens 840D Solution Line
  • Parker/Rexroth direct controlled high performance Servovalves
  • Rexroth integrated digital Measurementsystem comparable to high precision glass-scales, but contactless, inductive and robust. Accuracy up to +-3 ym/m, Position resolution up to 0.025 ym

  • Closed loop control of position and force
  • 100% full hardware interpolation of hydraulic and electric axes. No software solution.
  • Industry highest repeatability of <=0.05 mm in production mode for hydraulic and electric axes.
  • Position accuracy of each individual hydraulic CNC axis: < 0.02 mm
  • Position accuracy of each individual electric CNC axis: < 0.01 mm

  • Components dimensions checked by modern FEM Systems
  • Possible integration of automatic mandrel handling or Airpressure systems
  • Integrated noise insulated hydraulic system with energy saving pressure reservoir
  • Made in Germany . All main components from German/European suppliers
  • Steelframe and all other GW made elements are strong and reliable designed
  • Integration in external components, communication to company network
  • direct control of handling robots and external components can be integrated into the CNC with one programming interface
  • Operator safety is high priority with light guards, stop valves and external position controlled stop valves.
  • Our machines comply with the new European Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • Machine software design open for future updates
  • Profinet connection for future development
  • Full Robot operation possible
  • Quick toolchange system available



  • Optional new programs by use of touch screen and table orientated programming
  • Hydraulic and electric controlled axes in mixed mode
  • Displacement and force control. Hybrid mixed mode available
  • Free sequence programming for optimum cycle time for each project
  • Easy changeover for new project. Quick changeover for project-project available
  • Process parameters can be checked online
  • Different material can be considered in program changes
  • direct control of handling robots and external applications can be integrated into the CNC with one programming interface
  • Full remote control and diagnosis
  • Easy teaching of new programs or corrections
  • Switchover from Force to Position controlled bending program
  • HMI interface in Chinese/English/German and additional languages
  • Operator training and production accompaniment on site available.
  • Automatic in process material measurement possible (EGM/ELM)
  • StressStrain curvature of materials can be generated



  • Suitable for 200 to 20.000 N Stretchforce parts
  • Partslength: 500 – 3.800 mm
  • Up to 14 CNC controlled Axes
  • Optimized hardware design for lowest possible resistance
  • Force- and Displacement control mode with industry highest
  • repeatability.
  • Automatic mandrel insertion possible
  • Additional functions for cutting, notching, forming
  • Electrical connections for sensors and checks.
  • Profinet for local and company connection
  • Flexible design matching floorspace requirements